The Behavior Trainer provides services to clients of The Cyberkids Limited. The Behavior Trainer provides a wide range of services, from coaching and therapy on behavior aspect as well as tuition on academic aspect for children to the promotion of parenting skills to parents. Children may have ASD, AD/HD and/or language and developmental delays, aged from 3 years old to 15 years old.

1. Conducts one on one contact time with the child for the amount of hours and program/skills recommended by the supervisor.
2. Engages the child with cooperation, collaboration and teamwork.
3. Provide training to the child on their targeted tasks and demonstrate to their parents if necessary.
4. Communicate with the child's parents/guidiance to maintain the training quality.
5. Completes all data collection, daily logs and graphing requirements for each session including objective and constructive notes.
6. Adheres to schedule, is on time for all therapy sessions.
7. Maintains confidentiality regarding clients, the training materials and any property that is belonged to the company.
8. Refers requests for information to a supervisor within 24 hours.
9. Brings parent issues to the attention of the supervisor within 24 hours.
10. Ensures own safety and safety of child.
11. Arrive at the assigned location on time and provide trainings.
12. Work in different distract, either at the office of The Cyberkids Limited or at our client's home, depending on the clients' situation.
13. Flexible working time after compromising with clients and team partner as long as the agreed minimum number of working hour is fulfilled.


1. Attends reglar meeting with supervisor.
2. Checks and responses to work assigments (including phone calls, emails, whatsapp messages and any other formats) on a daily basis.
3. Produces a brief report after each lesson.
4. Complies with all company policies and procedures

Skills & Experience

1. Strong verbal communication and listening skills.
2. Self starter who works independently with minimal supervision.
3. Energetic and flexible.
4. Maintains a calm, tactful demeanor when dealing with difficult situations.
5. Manages multiple projects and timelines with a sense of urgency and follow through.
6. Well organized and detail oriented.
7. Works efficiently with ability to multi-task.
8. Forms strong working relationship within team.
9. Identifies additional tasks to be completed and willinly assists others.
10. Follows direction with focused attention.
11. Protects confidentiality of information.
12. Exhibits insatiable curiosity and an interest in self improvement; ongoing learner.
13. Basic computer skill is required for producing reports and training tools.
14. Heightened awareness of health and safety issues for children.
15. Experience in a behavioral or mental health setting preferred.
16. In process or completion of Bechelor's or Master's degree in ABA or related field preferred.
17. Minimum one year experience in ABA or related field preferred.
18. Knowledge on phonics is an advantage.

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